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Parents play a significant role in shaping their daughter’s body image from an early age. Words are powerful! What we say in front of our daughters has the power to influence their body image. It’s important that we not only avoid negative body image comments but that we voice positive ones in front of our daughters. During the month of August, we are going to be focusing on 4 key body image phrases, one per week that we are encouraging parents to share with their little girls. Each phrase will seek to teach them the truth about their bodies and how they are valued.


This week’s phrase is I am Kind. We want to teach our daughters that character is far more important than appearance.

It’s simple to join in. All you have to do is:

1. Explain

Explain to your little girl what I am Kind means and get them to say it out loud every day this week.

2. Demonstrate

Do an activity that shows your girl how she is kind. We’d love you to share this with us on Facebook www.facebook.com/prettyfoundation/ or on Instagram www.instagram.com/pretty_foundation/ and use the hashtag #prettypowerfulwords

3. Dig Deeper

If you’ve got time, take part in the supporting activities for this week. You can download the I am Kind activity sheets below.



Download the Pretty Powerful Parents’ guide for some language tips for a healthy body image.