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Our Story

Our reality

The far reaching impact of negative body image is well documented – and its only getting worse as peer pressure, traditional and social media influence has an increasing effect on the next generation of girls. Negative body image not only causes considerable distress but it can also contribute to the development of low self-esteem, depression, unhealthy weight loss and clinical eating disorders.

Our vision

A world where girls are comfortable in their bodies, confident in themselves and conquering in their endeavours.

Our mission

To empower women and girls with the perspective, skills and support to develop and nurture a positive body image for themselves and others.

Our focus

Research shows that the foundations for building a positive body image are laid in early childhood. That’s why it made perfect sense for us to take the body image conversation back to the start – and focus our efforts on young girls aged two to six years old. To do this we will not only develop initiatives that speak to young girls but we’ll also speak to the parents of these young girls – educating and equipping them with the language, tools and confidence to build resilience in their daughters.